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sa-ga on ebay
This is my second shipment. This stuff is a miracle medicine. In less than a week of using your product, our Basset Hound had hair growing back & his itching stopped immediately after treatment.

Thanks for such a wonderful product!
TAMMY M KEYES, Clarksville, TN
I bought two jars of this great stuff from you a couple of weeks ago. Just wanted to update you on my horse's "mystery fungus" that NOTHING else would touch! After two weeks we have new hair growth! I'm just delighted. Whatever kind of kooties were growing on my horse have definitely met their match! I wish I had been able to get a good picture of the area without hair on it, but it just wouldn't show up on camera. It was a 4 inch circle that was bare and the skin flakey. The overall size of the area is the same, but new hair is growing in the ENTIRE bare spot! In addition, one of the barn cats came in with a gross wound on her forhead. We treated it with your product and it healed perfectly without infection. Lastly (and I know you probably don't want to hear this (G)) it is clearing up a fungal nail infection I have had for three years and undergone medical treatment for to no avail. I know... Not supposed to use on humans, but I just couldn't help myself! Nina!
Megan, Florida.
I've been using the nu-stock product for years now. I must say, I reccommend it on a daily basis. I keep jars of it in my tack trunk at all times. Lord knows my horse is the king of cuts and scratches.. and that product, I swear works miracles. From rainrot, to hair regrowth.. wow.. I'm just thrilled with the results I've gotten. About a month and a half ago my horse cut his face pretty bad, and unfortunately it was in an area that couldn't have been stitched. The vet told me hair would never grow there, but I thought.. hey, after it heals a little, I'll try some nu-stock on it.. wow.. there is hair growing back like you'd never believe.

He had an accident quite a while ago.. same scenario.. I was told hair would never grow back.. now everyone asks where the scar is.. it's amazing. now onto the best part about this email. We have a wonderfully bred welsh pony mare named buttons. Unfortunately, she has a terrible skin problem. Right away when I first met her, I said.. try nu-stock on her! The owners gave me a puzzled look, and asked what it was.. I quickly explained what it was and how it worked. That day we tried some on her, and saw results very quickly. She wasn't itching any longer, and now months later, her hair is pretty much normal, and her tail.. wow.. it was horrible. She'll always have allergies to the bugs.. horrible allergies.. but the nu-stock keeps her from itching and eases any pain or itchiness she feels. Everyone at my barn now uses the nu-stock product.. and everytime I meet someone that could use it, I always tell them to buy it.

I was so thrilled to see you all have a website now. Unfortunately nu-stock is hard to find in most areas, so as I travel to shows, I'm always telling people about it.. most of the tack stores I visit now carry it, and it sells very quickly.

I just wanted to say thank you for producing such a great product!

Megan- from Florida.
Unsigned email.
I don't have a question, I just wanted to say how wonderful this productis. I have two dog who really had a real bad case of the mange. I tried everything in the book to cure my dogs and nothing worked. I was at a point where I thought that I would have to put my pets down because they were suffering so bad. One day I was surfing ... and I came across your product and I thought to my self, OK, why not, what do I have to lose, I have tried everything else, let me try this stuff and see what happends. So the product arrived and I read the instructions, gave my dogs a bath and put your product on my animals and waited. To my joy and amazement after just two treatments the mange started to go away and their hair started to grow back. It's been about 2 months since I bought your product and my pets are fully healed and all their has grown back. I just wanted to say thanks and that I would highly recommend this product to any one who has pets.
Susanne Heins, Chanticler Farms Pedigrees
Here I am again with another great story about your product. I have made a believer out of my vet - who is aging and very sceptical on new products. From the "Old School"

My stallion that is mentioned in an article on your web page had another problem this summer. He developed a large cyst like lump on his flank and was diagnosed as a lump/cyst possibly cancer. He said just keep an eye on it and if it changes in size may have to be removed surgically.

Well, having just bought a case of your Nu-Stock I got out a new jar and started applying the product to this area. After a week of treatment the cyst like thing started to spread in size and open a dime size wound like scab. After about 6 weeks of treatment every three days or so - this whole thing was gone and the hair grew in over the wound.

Vet came back to give fall shots and was totally amazed and now a believer too so gave him a part jar to take back to the clinic to experiment on some tough mange problems.

This is truly an amazing product - my chickens now have feathers where the rooster removed them in his fits of passion. It took a while but now they look like chickens again instead of ones that have been partially plucked.

I cannot tell you how many of my animals and even humans have benefited by Nu-Stock.

I would not be without it - that is why I ordered a case last time.

Thank you so much for making a great product. Only wish I had time to become a dealer in our area. If and when I can take the time from my job and maybe retire I will do so.

TAMMY M KEYES, Clarksville TN.
This is my second shipment. This stuff is a miracle medicine. In less than a week of using your product, our Basset Hound had hair growing back and his itching stopped immediately after treatment. Thanks for such a wonderful product!
Randell Turner
The Nu-Stock arrived the Wednesday after I ordered it and it really is good stuff. It cleared my young female right up and has helped on two of the dogs ears though I have one female who's ears need vet. attention which should happen tomorrow. In any case, thanks so much for the prompt order filling and shipping and for such a great product. I sent some with my two partners and Jon Summy said it really helped his setter, Rusty. We are co-owners if you will of Mastertouch Kennels and are trying to raise great English Setter bird dogs. They do have more skin problems than we would like especially during the summer but your product seems to help take care of most of them if I get right on it. I've got a spot on the back of my oldest female that came up after most of the other spots had cleared up and she won't stop licking it so the NuStock is not helping it as much. It appears that it is something besides a hot spot though I'm not sure what. May the Lord bless you and thanks again.
Chalice Kilgallon
Millstadt, Illinois
The immediate shipping was great, but I could not believe how well this stuff worked. I tried everything I could find in the stores, no matter what is cost, on my yearling's leg that promised it would help with proudflesh or wounds. No matter what I used, it never got better, a matter of fact, it only got worse. I tried for a over a month to get his leg to heal, but like I said, nothing worked. I figured I would try this because it couldn't be any worse than anyhting else. My yearling's leg healed up to looking like just a sore in less than a week. Now, two weeks later, you can't tell he had any type of wound or any proudflesh. A matter of fact, it's even growing hair back. I have told my local tack stores about how great this works. Hopefully, they will be carrying it soon, so other people won't have to go through all the money, time and aggrevation that I did. I could! not believe since this product has been around for so long that everybody doesn't know about it. Hopefully, everyone around here will now. I tell the tack stores, freinds and people at the shows how well this works. I greatly thank you for offering this product.
Charles James
House of Kuddles
Anza, CA.
Let us first say that we purchased some ointment a few months ago and have had wonderful results with it on a couple of our dogs that had mange. So much so that we would like to check into becoming a dealer. We breed and show dogs and have for over twenty years. We have our own kennel and have a few things we recommend and/or preferably provide for those using our service. We have only items that we've used on our dogs and can recommend from personal experiences.
Lynn McClain
South Carolina
I just wanted to let you and the company you work for that nustock has returned my dog back to normal. I so happy I found your product on the internet. It took about 2 weeks for his hair to completely grow back. There are still a few small areas where the hair is still growing but I am very satisified with your product and would recommend it to anyone whoever has the same problem.
Michelle Dosdall Hi, just wanted to let you know that I purchased this a little while back for my filly that went through the fence and her hind leg proud fleshed really bad, and we thought we would have to cut it off. Well, I had the vet out and she was so impressed with the improvement that we left it alone. The vet said to continue with your product and even took down all the info off of the jar, said until now they really didn't have anything provent o work. My horse still has a bump at the site but nothing like it can feel free to use my name or story anywhere you'd like....AWESOME product, THANK YOU.
Henry Nusbaum
Malvern, AR
This stuff works. Can't be without Nustock. My treeing walker had sores on all four legs, couldn't hardly walk, put it on one time and she's ready to go now. Good Medicine. Thank you.
Debbie Spung
Have used nu-stock on my yearling. She decided to try and jump the fence. Had a good size wound on her inside leg about 2.5 inches long and 1 inch wide. Proud flesh was starting to form. I was looking for something to use when what I was using was not working. I thought I would have to call the vet. Seen nu-stock at a local dealer in my area. Have put nu-stock on 3x and to my amazment it has just about closed up. I will not ever be with out it again.
Magic Carpet Show Horses , Merced Ca I read of your product on a bulletin board. The timing was perfect. The very next day i received a call from the trainer that had my 2 yr old warmblood, Rocky, had somehow gotten a hind hoof caught in the bars above his stall while rolling. he'd struggled all night and when they found him early the next morning he was in shock, covered with abrasions and had pulled all the muscles between his hind legs. They said it looked like he'd been dragged behind a car.

I ordered a case. it's been one week. I haven't even been applying it 6 days, and there's one raw spot on his hip about the size of a silver dollar that started out the size of a dinner plate. The rest looks just like healthy coat except the hair is alot shorter! your product simply made the wounds vanish! His only remaining trace of the accident now is a few small wounds that were the deepest, but i suspect at this ate they'll be invisible within another week. too bad his muscles will take a long while to heal, because otherwise, he'd be fine.

Thanks so much for the help.
Candy Crowl the way, the Nu-Stock is just wonderful and after only putting it on my dog twice his sores have healed and he is already getting better, thank you for this product.
Alfred D. Williams
Long Beach, MS.
This is my second order of Nu-Stock. I have 22 dogs in my rescue kennel. This is an amazing medication, everything everyone has said about the product is absolutely true. The product cleared up dogs that have had recurring problems for a long time with rapid regrowth of hair. It indeed is extremely effective on mange if used as directed and rubbed in well. This product will save a few vet bills I can tell you.
Jim Reilly
Hubert, NC.
I acquired an almost empty jar from a friend, and used what was left. It was amazing! The dog had mange all over his body. Hair was growing back within a week.
O'Brien Veterinary Hospital
Bowling Green, KY.
I have used the product "Nu-Stock" for nearly four years. I consider it to be the best all-around topical treatment for wounds in my practice.
Joe Fleming, J&P Stables Inc.
Shelbyville, TN
I have successfully used All Purpose Nu-Stock for cuts, scrapes, soreness, swelling, skin irritations and hair loss on our horses. So far, I haven't found anything that it wouldn't help.
Foster Harlow
Breeder of Hard Hunting Gun Dogs
After using Nu-Stock for the last 11 years, I believe it is a proven medication that anyone who loves and fools with dogs ought to have in his medicine kit...
Sam Caldwell
Tri-Oak Farm
Shelbyville, TN
I first became aware of Nu-Stock when its producer, Frank Pierce, came to my training barn to tell me of its benefits. I took some Nu-Stock on that day and my barn will probably never be without it.
Mr. C.A. Dupree
Hapeville, GA
For 14 years our horse would begin in early May with skin irritation... We tried every remedy anyone told us about and none gave even temporary relief... But when visiting ... the Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration... we were told to get Nu-Stock... We will never be caught without Nu-Stock ever. It's a miracle remedy for our horse.
Ruth Price
DeLeon, TX
...I became the owner of a very malnourished and mangy dog, he was bleeding over half his body from scratching and being abused... I... got a jar of Nu-Stock, in 3 or 4 days he began to look better, now after a month, he only has 3 small places of mange yet to cure.
Floyd Tidwell
Red Oak Kennels
Scottsboro, AL
I bought a container of your product at a local feed store and was well pleased with the results I got for hot spots on my dogs.
Steven R. Clark
Oakfield Farm
Plant City, FL
Your All Purpose Nu-Stock is the best stuff we have ever used on our terriers. We use it for all types of situations for all our dogs, cats, horses and cattle. In every single case it works. It almost seems like magic... This is one of the few products in my years, that I have found that really works. It should be in every dog owner's cupboard.
Jeff Hufstedler, DVM
Imboden, AR
I have used the product in the past with good results... I would be interested in purchasing... for resale in my clinic.
Jolene McEntire
Tampa, FL
This is the only product that is healing my dog of an indescribable disease.
Angela A. Aymett, DVM
Giles County Animal Hospital
I have had the opportunity to use Nu-Stock ointment as a topical antibiotic for dogs. I found the product worked well in each case and had no visible side effects.
Gayle Koppes
Loveland, CO
I am a Greyhound trainer in Colorado. I have used your Nu-Stock on ever(y) dog & horse and person I know it is great.
Melvin M. Kuhns
I had a colt... with a badly cut leg. I used it (Nu-Stock) on her and ... it did... a very good job of healing up the leg and also cutting down the swelling.
Sarah T. Willet
Majestic Farms
Vivian, LA
We have been able to use your product NU-STOCK for some time now and find it to be excellent for healing wounds of all kinds.
Elizabeth Strauss
Roy, WA
She and I both really like the product for use on our horses
John V. Sparks, DVM
Scottsdale, AZ
Uses Nu-Stock in his practice
Mary Kate Gatton
Gatton's Feed & Seed Service
North Bremen, KY
This customer is very pleased with your product. He shows horses.
Carol A. Cripps
Big Clifty, KY
I have horses and dogs. This is a wonderful salve like none other I have ever seen for hair growth and many other things.
Jamie Dry
Ava, MO
I have used your product, Nu-Stock, and absolutely have never found anything that works so well on healing minor cuts on my horses.
Atlantic Beach Fl
I have a dog with severe allergies to who knows what and have tried what felt like everything under the sun to clear up her skin when she breaks out. Years of vet and dermatologist visits left me well informed, but still with no help for my little angel. By accident I found a listing on ebay for Nu-Stock and thought "what the heck, I have tried everything else". I have used it two times now and am really impressed with the results. She chews all her hair out and develops bad raw spots from the excessive chewing and scratching, but since the two appilcations of Nu-Stock, her skin is returning to the healthy pink color instead of red and raw. I can't believe that such a small investment is working so well. I am especially thankful since I have adopted another dog and just found out she has allergies too. It is a relief to know that I have a product that will work instead of repeating all the failed attempts. Thank you so much, you have a customer for life.
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