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Testimonials & Letters from Our Customers

My 15 year old Arab mare is an accident waiting to happen. She is always into something and at one point had a 4” x 5” hole in her chest that was 4 “ deep. That is when I found Nu-Stock at the local feed store. Reading that it was originally a Cherokee Indian remedy is what enticed me to buy it because my husband is part Cherokee. Applying it according to directions, the wound was gone and starting to hair over in 30 days. I used it on other wounds from then on.

This same mare loves to race around her pasture but around 11 am on 5/5/14, she didn’t stop quickly enough and went into the fence taking a t-post in her throat all the way to the green part. She took off running spurting blood and everyone of my 14 other animals started screaming (horses, dogs, goats & cows) When I saw her running I ran and stopped her. I thought she had caught the jugular and would die but as I stood there holding her, crying and praying, the blood flow slowed down. My son and I herded her into the next pasture where I could see that I could halter her without hurting her. We called the vet and he came and stitched part of the wound closed telling me how another horse had done something similar and they used red oil. I said no way not on my horses, I have thrown away everything except for Nu-Stock for wounds. My son went and got it and the vet (who is retired) but does horses to keep busy read it and said hmmm, this makes sense. I explained her first wound and how it healed and he was impressed.

He cleaned the wound, trimmed off the dead skin and shaved the area. Then he gently explore the wound and said that she had got the carteroid artery and a nerve. That they was a huge bunch of blood and that caused a lump behind and down below the ear on the right side. He pointed out that her nose was twisted to the left and said that was nerve damage. He put in two stitches to hold part of it on the left side together. He gave her a tetnus and antibiotic shot and said if she made it for 3 days without reopening the artery, that she would live. But she would bleed from the nose and the wound which he wanted to keep the pressure off the artery. On the night of the 8th, she was plugged up in her nose and breathing hard. She was so touchy that there was nothing I could do except push water (she had to be hand watered due to the drainage often using three buckets so she would drink clean water). Yesterday the 9th was the day the vet said we could apply the Nu-Stock to the wound as he felt the drainage would no long be needed and the lump on her neck had gone down about ½ the size. I walked down and was rereading the back as I had two other mares that had developed problems (yes trouble comes in 3’s) I realized that I could use this on all sorts of ailments. So we haltered the mare who was still breathing hard and filled up the wound, put more on the lump and heck I thought let’s try some on her nose. My son discovered by starting at the top of her forelock that she would let us touch almost her whole nose. This morning, she is breathing better, the lump on her neck decreased where I had put on the Nu-Stock and she was breathing better. And for the first time since she had gotten hurt on Monday, her full ration of hay had been devoured. And her nose had started moving back to normal. OH YEAH NU-Stock is TERRIFIC. Today her whole nose and the whole area around the lump is getting covered.

Another mare who got kicked and developed a lump on her the back of her left hind leg will get that covered and my other mare who has done who knows what to her hip will also get it.

So everyone, don’t think it is just for wound and skin care. Try it on everything!

Brandi Shelton
Shiloh Arabians
Auberry, CA.

Hi I wrote to you a month or 2 ago and purchased the cream from you..I was in a bad situation if you remember my chow chow had a horrible itch and I had taken her to 2 different veterinarians and I was at the point of having to put her down because she was miserable..I did some research and my daughter found that her itch was caused from a withdrawel of her prescribed medication of Prednisone she had a lot of pain because of a birth defect in her kness and as she got older the pain subsided so we weined her off the medication..And I used your Product which was sent from Heaven..Look at the pics..They speak for themselves(very ugly pics)..Thank-you Thank-you for a wonderful Product.



Dear sir, please find the 3 photo's of our cat "Kitty".  She came in one night and had contacted mange under her chin, she scratched all evening long until it was hairless and bloody. We called the vet and he wanted to dip her for several weeks and give her some cattle medication. I didn't really like the idea of that plus the cost was enormous. I hoped there would be a better alternative so I started looking on the internet and you guy's were the first to show up!! I couldn't believe what i was reading..all of you testimonials are great!! I ordered that night and received the salve with in 3 days!! I used surgical gloves and rubbed it on Kitty's chin as soon as it came in. She quit scratching immediately and with in 2 days a big puff of white hair had grown out of the middle of her scab!!!! I applied the Nu-Stock one more time and as the picture shows all of her beautiful white hair has completely grown back with in a week and a half!! This is a miracle salve I have told all my friends about simply cannot beat it. Thank you for making this salve!!  You have a customer for life!! 

Debra Parton - Fairmont, WV.


Hi, thank you for such a wonderful salve!! Here's a before and after photo of my blue healer Bobo, after a fight with 2 dogs at the horse barn..I thought he came out unhurt but a couple of days later i noticed a foul smelling odor coming from him.. after rubbing his back i found this awful, hole in his back with greenish pus oozing out.. i could actually see his muscle. He wouldn't let me clean it so I just smacked a gob of Nustock into the hole and let him go. 2 days later I smeared another gob of it into the hole, (which was about half the size now). Two weeks later you cant even find where it was. It has completely healed over and the hair grown back!!! Thanks for such a wonderful product!!! sincerely

Mike Woodard - Lexington KY.


Hi Keith.

I'm sending you pictures of my mini dachshund puppy's tail. The hair on Darby's tail suddenly fell out and it looked like a rat tail. The first picture was taken just two days after his first dose of NuStock. With just one application, the hair started growing back rapidly. The second picture is only after 3 applications! He had several other areas of thinning hair, but those areas have grown back too, after 2 applications (the pictures didn't do justice to prove how great it works). This is an incredible product. The smell wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting. I'm telling everyone about NuStock!

Thanks and God bless, Stacey

HI Keith,

I am sending some recent pics of one of the dogs that had mange that was treated with Nustock. There are a bunch of before and after pics so you can choose which ones to use. If you post any, let me know when you do so I can see how they look on your web site. I am sending them one at a time so it doesn't clog up the email.

I was very skeptical about Nustock at first and didn't know if I should order it but it turned out to be the greatest thing. Even the vets were impressed and one even took your information to check it out for herself. I treated every three days for four applications. I began seeing hair stubble after the second application but wasn't sure if it was truly working or not. After the third and fourth treatment, there was a remarkable difference and hair starting growing quickly. So quick that you can see a noticeable difference in appearance day by day. It was fantastic!! Luckily I found your site and will recommend this to whoever needs it. Thanks again for a remarkable product. The best thing is that it doesn't even smell bad.

This first pic is right before the first application so think of it as day 0.



Dear Sir, my quarter horse had a terrible wound on his jaw from getting something caught in his halter. The flies were about to eat him up..our farrier suggested we try your Nu-Stock salve and he gave me about half a jar to use..he said it was the best "thang" he had ever seen.. well to make a long story short I applied the salve twice and as you can see in the pictures the wound has completely healed up and every single hair has grown back!! You cant even rub him with your hand and cant find where the cut was.. I was also really impressed with how it repelled the flies, so much I even rubbed some down his face and a little under his eyes to repel the flies from there also!! Thanks for offering this product. I will never be with out it again.

Anthony Hastings
Slidell, LA